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Cy Leo - Two Time World Champion Instrumental Virtuoso

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Cy Leo Bio

Two time World Champion instrumental virtuoso Cy Leo pushes the edge of musical possibility. His performance reveals extraordinary flexibility, ranging from classical, jazz, R&B, to rock music. With the accumulation of 17 international championships, Leo won his place as the youngest adjudicator in various prestigious music festivals. He is currently the official international endorser for Hohner Music.

Cy Leo Video

Cy Leo Video

Cy Leo

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Cy Leo Testimonials

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"Cy Leo, truly an incredible talent. His skills are second to none and I enjoyed his performance immensely!"
- Mitchell Merucci (Cruise Director - Voyager of The Seas)

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Cy Leo Specifics

Type of Act

Harmonica Instrumentalist

Weekly Fee


Home Base

Hong Kong

Cabin Required

One Cabin

Minutes of Performance

2 x 45min English shows and 2 x 45min Chinese shows

Checked Luggage

2 x 20kg

Cy Leo Avails

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