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Sharene Bio

Sharene began her musical training as a classical pianist at the age of 5. However, when she discovered the chromatic harmonica a few years later a new musical obsession began. Sharene set out to master musical technique in a way no female artist in history ever has before. Her mastery soon became evident to her peers, and at the young age of 25 she is already considered to be one of the greatest female instrumentalists in the world.

Sharene Video

Sharene Video


Sharene featured with the duo Aiden & Evelyn.

Sharene Testimonials

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Sharene Specifics

Type of Act

Harmonica Instrumentalist

Weekly Fee


Home Base

Kuala Lumpur

Cabin Required

One Cabin

Minutes of Performance

2 x 45min English shows, 1 x 45min Mandarin (Chinese show)

Checked Luggage

1 x 20kg

Sharene Avails

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